People should use computer and phone less

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DanieBlog - People should use computer and phone less. Well, a person working on a computer system. I have to say that.

The era of computer and mobile phone

People work on computers, we and I personally always thank Mr. Bill Gates. That makes our work faster and more efficient.

We can handle a lot of work when we have a computer. Currently, in nearly all developing countries and developed countries, you can hardly find a job without knowing how to use a computer.

Besides, mobile devices and especially mobile phones were born. It meets the demands of handling work and networking anytime and anywhere of people.

Except for countries that are in poverty. I think, maybe 9 out of 10 people always bring their phones with them, even when they sleep.

This is the computer era.

People change

Yes, this is of course. When production changes, society changes, people must change.

people-should-use-computer-and-phone-less People should use computer and phone less
People should use phone less.

But I want to talk about its negative side.

15 years ago, when I was in high school. People are very close to each other. Friends meet, invite each other to hang out regularly during the week.

Every time we meet, they are all stories around each other and we talk to each other constantly.

That day, very few of us owned a computer or a phone. We almost don’t need them. That made me feel that at that time, we (my friend and I) connected more spiritually.

But now, even when people meet. The phones always appear. Even people sit side by side all day but only say a few sentences. What they care about is in their phone and that makes me feel sad.

I think you also met such a situation. There are many changes happening around our lives every day. From the fact that parents only call their children without having a meal with their children. Children are immersed in online games and forget about real life. People always handle everything through the phone but forget that we need to communicate, need to talk directly together, face to face.

Leave everything at the company, don’t bring it home

Working with computers and phones is a must in this era. But leave it to the company after the end of the work.

Don’t bring things home. Go home with your friend. Go home and take care of your family. Take care of people around, talk, organize outings.

That’s what to do. And don’t be immersed in the world of social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram … You can have 5000 friends on Facebook, but how many people are willing to come to you when you’re sick. Think about it, real life is life. Please cherish it.

My message

I work with computers a lot, almost all day. And i thought about it a lot. I don’t know if I should love or hate it.

It can help me get money, help me to survive. But it makes people feel distant, people forget each other and they just text each other on the social network. Don’t be like that.

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