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Draytek is a popular router and firewall device. It is used in small-sized company offices, good performance, easy to configure and cheap.

Set up WAN for Draytek 2960. After you have successfully logged into the Draytek device, we will start the first task that is to set the WAN for the device. Draytek 2960 has 2 default WANs You know, depending on the product version. For me, Draytek 2960 has 2 default WAN ports and it is

How to first login to Draytek 2960? For those who have worked with network devices regularly, it will not be difficult for them to login for the first time on the device. This article is only for those who are new to Draytek device. Model to connect Draytek I am using Draytek 2960 version without