This article will guide you to install XMind 7.5 on Linux, in the demo I will install XMind on Linux Mint 18.1 Cinnamon 64 bit. This is a software for drawing tree charts, drawing useful tree ideas. About XMind Currently I am using this software to draw out the ideas that I have. I also

How to add a menu item in Linux Mint. I’m using Linux Mint and sometimes I use some software that does not automatically add it to the menu. The software does not add itself to the menu Most of the software on Linux supports automatically added to the menu. When you download a .deb file

Yes, the Google search site is an almost indispensable part of today’s internet life. I just realized Google’s search site in Viet Nam was not accessible today, at about 13:55 on March 14-2018. Failure to resolve domain names takes place over 10 minutes, until about 14:08 the same day, the website is accessible again. Google search