Does Google Banned check really work?

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DanieBlog - Yes, like everyone who has been building blogs/websites, they want to be able to successfully register for Google Adsense. Or at least personally I wish so. But before I sign up, I want to check if my blog is banned by Google. I have found “Google Banned check”, but which it actually works?

Try checking Google banned for some websites

First, I tried with my blog link. The results made me sad because it reported that my blog was banned from Google Adsense.

Until now I still think it’s true, but I do not understand, my domain name has just bought and I am sure it has never been used, even just never signed up Adsense. So why could it be banned by Google?

Next, I try to check with some famous websites that I know they are using Google Adsense. And … the results are similar, until now I find that checking Google banned seems not correct.

The disappointment of check Google banned

Finally, I found on the Google Banned check website ( is running Adsense. Okey, I tried their own link. And surprisingly, the results are the same as for my blog.

does-google-banned-check-really-work Does Google Banned check really work?
Google Banned check is not working.

At this point, I am sure that this website is not working properly even though I have entered any website link. And, surprisingly, there are plenty of other blog posts that guide the use of websites like this (or similar) to test.

Believe me, I have tried several different Google Banned check websites and all have the same results.

How will Adsense evaluate the website?

I have found an information that I think is correct. You can read at this link.

Answers from “Top Contributors” show that Google has a system that automatically evaluates websites that meet Adsense standards and sometimes, they will review the site manually at random.

And one thing for sure is that Google’s system will not reveal the source code. Therefore, you will not be able to check whether your website is Google Banned or not with other websites.


Well, you see. When you want to check that your website is Google-qualified, the only way (I think) is to ask Google directly. How? When you sign up for Google Adsense (or any other service), you will receive a response and then you will know the results right away. Good luck my friend.

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