Google search site in Viet Nam down

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DanieBlog - Yes, the Google search site is an almost indispensable part of today’s internet life. I just realized Google’s search site in Viet Nam was not accessible today, at about 13:55 on March 14-2018. Failure to resolve domain names takes place over 10 minutes, until about 14:08 the same day, the website is accessible again.

Google search site in Viet Nam down over 10 minutes

At first I thought that maybe my internet had a problem. However, I try to access YouTube is still normal. Next I opened the terminal window on my computer and checked (I use Linux).

google-search-site-in-viet-nam-down-01 Google search site in Viet Nam down
Website can not access on browser.

As in the image below, you can see the time I checked. I use the IP address of the Google DNS server to ensure proper domain checking.

And you can see the result when I’m pinging the domain “”. Domain was unable to resolve.

google-search-site-in-viet-nam-down-02 Google search site in Viet Nam down
Domain “” was unable to resolve.

Everything about Google is interesting

You see, a site in the world down in a few minutes, even a few days is normal. But with Google, we all know that Google has the world’s leading system engineers, the best infrastructure in the world. The Google search site in Viet Nam is down for more than 10 minutes can be a mistake of an engineer. I guess so, anyway, I myself find this interesting.

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